Stride Affiliate's

Stride is an active lifestyle brand founded by wellness and fitness enthusiasts, built by offering high quality clothing and equipment to help our community thrive, grow and be more supported than ever, with comfort and durability at the forefront of our mind.  We believe more than ever that being an eco conscious consumer is an important part of being an active member of the fitness community, so to work with our promise and goals we will be working to source the best materials and products we can, whilst reducing our carbon footprint as we grow. If you believe in the same things and believe in quality, sustainability and durability, your half way there to becoming a Stride affiliate!


Affiliate perks:

  • FREE gift on your first order, once accepted as an affiliate.
  • 30% OFF on the Stride store.
  • 5% Commission
  • Exclusive rewards including a £10 gift card for every 5 successful referrals.
  • A Personalised referral code for your followers and community.


To Apply, please provide the following details in the form below;

  • Any social media handles (Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook)
  • Why you match the Stride ethos and brand promise
  • Where in the world you lay your mat
  • What you can offer to help us reach a wider audience


We'll be in touch as soon as possible, normally the same day! 


*Please be aware that Stride Fit UK reserves the right to remove all affiliate perks should referral codes be used incorrectly or the affiliates activity no longer balances with the Stride ethos and promise.