Our Promise

Our Promise at Stride



When Stride was founded, it was built on a belief of fair trade, sustainability and building products to last. Special efforts have been made to ensure that throughout the entire process of our products being manufactured that our ethos is kept to. 

Our products are manufactured in Asia, allowing us to reach further globally as the business grows. We have a close working relationship with our manufacturers to ensure all guidelines are adhered to and that our products remain at the high level of quality of customers expect, and we want to deliver.

An extensive amount of research went into finding the factory that was right for us, we decided on this manufacturer as they work hard to ensure their staff receive fair pay, have safe working conditions and that all of the raw materials come from reliable & sustainable sources. 

100% of our packaging used in transit from the factory, to our base in the UK, then to your doorstep is recyclable, and as we grow as a business we aim to reduce our waste even further. Considerations are also being made daily when designing new products to ensure we keep our footprint to a minimum.

The rubber used to make our beautiful mats is from a sustainable forest. We use this for our mats because of its durability, grippy qualities and with it being biodegradable, we break the mould and hope to move people away from wasteful PVC and TPE yoga & workout mats.