Our Story

Discovering this beautiful practice saved my life back in 2018. It's openness, it's inclusivity, and it's ability to take you to a completely different place gave me like so many others a safe place to concentrate on everything that wasn't mindset at the time. It gave me the opportunity to heal and grow.

On this Journey to create the best yoga mat around, I've been lucky enough to call so many from this amazing community my friends whilst working together to build our very own safe space that belongs to all involved.

Stride is the physical representation that Yoga is for everybody, and that the practice can bring so much to your life that you may have not ever considered.

The Stride Yoga mat and accessory collections have been created to be loud, expressive and inclusive. All whilst being so grippy and inviting that your practice will be better than ever before.

I'm not a yoga teacher, I'm still only a few years into my journey into this practice, but I do know that by coming into the community with fresh eyes I've been able to combat the issue of poorly made, boring and 'bad for the environment' yoga equipment.

Welcome to your new favourite community in yoga, one with inclusivity, eco-consiousness and enjoyment at the forefront of everything we do.

Yoga is about connection, Yoga is about expression and Yoga is about our community.

Welcome to Stride.

Toby - Founder