Return To Recycle

As yogi's we're no strangers to the affects our consumption is having on the environment we love, and find so much peace within. That's why at Stride we're setting out to change the game when it comes to the way we treat equipment at or near the end of its life.

Often, with such a variety of materials and no clear way to recycle them we will find ourselves just storing that old equipment away or throwing it in landfill, we're setting out to stop that altogether. 

Here at Stride we've been working hard recently on developing partnerships that will see an end to needlessly throwing our previously loved yoga mats into landfill. With that, we're very happy to introduce Stride Return to Recycle. 

Any brand, any material, we have a way of recycling or repurposing that mat so that it never sees a landfill site. What's better than already picking equipment made from sustainable products? Making sure that product has an endless lifecycle in which it never contributes further to the climate crisis. 

Depending on the material of your mat, whether it is recycled or repurposed will vary. We have been able to develop processes to ensure your once loved yoga mat never finds its way into the ground. 

Return to recycle is simple, fill out the form below with all the information we need, you'll receive a 10% off code to use in the Stride store on your new mat, in your fresh Stride delivery you will find a piece of Stride packing tape and instructions with how to get it to us. Pack it up, reseal the package and drop it off to any Hermes drop off point for it to be sent back to us for repurposing.

Any questions or queries please send to or use the chat button on our website.