A Wellness Match Made In Heaven

It's rare two brands products are naturally so in-sync, both producing planet friendly products that are all suitable for vegans and completely cruelty free.

Created To Inspire & Invigorate

Both Stride & Tyler Aromatherapy are dedicated to sustainable wellness, with the environment and your experience collectively at the forefront of our minds.

What could you win?

A Wellness Giveaway worth over £200

  • Yin & Yang Essential Oil Set

    Yin - A dreamy blend of Lavender, Sandalwood, Cypress + Jasmine
    essential oils. 

    Yang - An invigorating blend of Wild Orange, Rosemary, Juniper +
    Cedarwood essential oils. 

  • Yin Ceramic Candle

    Inspired by the grounding and light aura that fills you during a yoga session.

    Yin is calm, slow and relaxed. A truly dreamy blend of Lavender, Sandalwood, Jasmine + Cypress essential oils. 

  • Sea Green Maya Natural Rubber Yoga Mat

    Grippy, Extra wide, Built to last. The Super Grippy Maya is truly a game changer. Kind to the planet, better for the body and bigger to give you space to move. Get lost in it's alignment focused design.

  • Yang Ceramic Candle

     Yang is the energetic, fast and ambitious. A truly motivating blend of Juniper, Rosemary, Orange + Cedarwood essential oils. With a burn time of 40+ hours.

  • Dozy Bath Salts

    Create a self care routine with
    botanical bath salts. Packed with natural plant oils and minerals. Sink in to your bath to restore your body and mind. Lavender and Chamomile aids sleep and relaxation. 

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