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Rose Calli Yoga Mat, Yoga Wheel & Cork Blocks Bundle

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Cork Blocks
Level up your practice with the Stride home yoga bundle with cork yoga blocks, the Stride half moon yoga wheel and the best selling Maya Yoga mat in Rose.
The same world class grip to help you through your practice, with carefully designed alignment points with in the design to help you feel more confident that ever. The Stride home yoga bundle is as good as it gets when it comes to home yoga equipment. 

Product Specs

Yoga Mat

Materials - Natural Rubber base & PU Top.

Dimensions - 185cm x 68cm

Weight - 3.8kg

Thickness 5mm

Cork Block

3 x 6 x 9 inches

Material - High Density 100% Natural Cork

Yoga Wheel

Material - Natural Cork & ABS


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Mat Care Instructions

The Stride Mat Care Guide | Natural Rubber & PU Mat Care

We've created Stride mats to support you through every part of your yoga practice & workout. Your Stride mat is incredibly durable, but to get the most from your mat and to keep it like new, we recommend following the steps below to care for your new mat. No expensive cleaning products needed.


We recommend cleaning your mat using a spray bottle with warm water and a soft cloth. We don't recommend using dish soaps to clean regularly, however if you do wish to use a dish soap solution ensure that is heavily diluted with plenty of water and you test on a small part of your mat first before proceeding with a full clean.

Do not clean your mat with oils, mat cleaning solutions or chemical cleaning sprays, these can break down the top surface of your mat and compromise the condition and performance. Avoid over saturating your mat with water as this will wear out the materials faster. Cheap PVC mats can take heavier cleaning, however Stride mats must be gently hand cleaned and are not suitable for machine washing. After cleaning your mat, leave it out to air dry, before rolling back up.


Your Stride Mat has been designed to be rolled up with the top smooth layer facing outwards. This prevents creasing on the top layer and means your mat will always lay out flat to the ground when you practice, making sure you never have curled ends or corners. Store your mat in a cool, dry place when not in use and away from direct sunlight to prevent fading and away from sharp objects.


Because of the absorbent nature of the materials we use to create Stride mats, over some time the body's natural oils and pressure from practice may leave marks on your mat. Don’t worry - these can be cleaned after your practice. Over time, you may find that not all marks will remove completely - this will not affect the performance and grip of the mat. You should avoid getting on your mat immediately after applying body lotions, creams and oils as this can damage and leave marks on the absorbent surface.

The 'So You Can' Yoga Mat

Built For Comfort and Confidence So You Can Focus On You

Anywhere & Everywhere

Stride Yoga Mats are designed to be used anywhere and everywhere, becoming grippier when wet and build to be durable when used in any conditions. Now home really can be where you lie your mat.

Grip You Can Trust

Stride's super grip technology makes for the grippiest mat in the world. Our carefully designed PU top and natural rubber base make for incomparable grip, even remaining grippy when wet.

Alignment Focused Designs

Our one of a kind Stride Alignment system was designed by local artists to bring a different level of inspiration to your flow. Guiding you through your Asana flows and making sure your mat is the best looking in the studio.

Feel the Immediate Difference In Your Practice

Feel Stronger and more confident every time you lay down your mat knowing you're being supported by the Stride Super Grip system.

- Grippy Top Layer

-Anti-Bacterial Middle Layer

- Anti-Slip Natural Rubber Base